Degrowth / Décroissance po polsku

Niemcy, Leipzig, 8-11 września 2014.

Creative education on social and personal change. Niemcy, Leipzig, 8-11 września 2014.
Organizacja: Konzeptwerk Neue Oekonomie,
Kontakt: Sussane Brehm,
September 8-11th, 2014, Leipzig, Germany

Day 1: TTT in Global Education (train the trainer) module
Day 2: Theoretical part:
concerning the theoretical part, the focus will be on mental infrastrucures of growth and degrowth (Harald Welzer), research on einvironmental psychology (Marcel Hunecke: Selbstwirksamkeit) and transformative education (Mezirow?)
Questions to adress and discuss with the participants can be such like:
– what are constraints of growth in our culture/society/social habits
– what and how do we need to learn and teach in order to support the development of a sustainable society?
– how can mental infrastructures be changed in order to achieve transformation?
– what do transformation and innovation mean for a degrowth society?
Day 3: Self Reflection and critical thinking:
Leading Questions can be on a more personal level:
– what are constraints of growth in my life (material/imaterial)
– what does growth mean for my way of education and learning? What and how do I want to learn?
– what mental infrastructures are obstacles for degrowth on a personal basis: p.e. ideas like competition, efficiency.
– biographic questions: where do these obstacles for degrowth come from? p.e. from popular child books etc.
– how can I personally overcome some of these learned infrastructures and what ressources do we have that can be strengthened: self efficacy, mindfulness, solidarity, self acceptance
Day 4: Practical Part // Experience // Excursion: 1/2 day
As Harald Welzer (a german social psychologist) points out, transformation of mental infrastructures doesn´t happen just as a result of new information on the need to change (e.g. new information on climate change). We need to change habits, live new identities, we need „new stories” that we can tell about ourselves. Therefore experiencing other modes of working and producing must be a part of tranformative education. Concluding the module, there can be an excursion to progessive regional initiatives and best practice examples where we can experience such new identities. p.e. a CSA-initiative

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